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Scrapbooks of the UK

26th September, 2005. 6:54 pm. Hi!(kerry_katona)

Hi all! I'm a newbie here, just joined, and wanted to introduce myself.

My name's Cait, and I actually live in the USA, but I have lived in Ireland and know how hard it is to come by things for scrapbooking, so I'm here to offer my services, I'm more than willing to help out with anything you all might need from here.

BUT I do have a question of all of you too! Do you have any stores that offer scrapbooking items that might be specific to either England or Ireland? I can find a few things to scrapbook my England trips in Michaels (one of our large crafting stores) but I haven't yet found a single Ireland item, and since I lived there for quite a while, most of my pictures are from that area.

Thanks for any help!! :) And it's nice to meet you all (as I do! ;))


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27th September, 2004. 2:29 pm. Free fonts and more(barbara_purple)


This site has load of free fonts to down load.  You can search them by type, (kids, spooky, traditional), so its easy to navigate.  I'm really pleased I found this site as I got a brilliant calvin and hobbes font.



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20th September, 2004. 2:34 pm.(kf4vkp)

This is a yahoo group for scrapbookers who are looking to make a recipe book. It's a good way to get new and different recipes while creating a scrapbook of them for yourself or as a gift! Please feel free to join! or email me with any questions. Also, pass it along to people you think will be interested.


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14th September, 2004. 8:32 pm. Pictures, I hope(barbara_purple)

Fingers crossed this link will take you to some pictures of some of the scrapbook pages I have done.


Comments of all kinds are welcome.

Cheers Barbara

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4th September, 2004. 7:29 pm. Aussie in the UK(sensualwitch)

Hi! I'm acutally an Aussie gal..but I'm moving to the uk for three years on the 28th of September! and im a crazy scrapbooker! and was making sure that there was going to be something for little old me to do in the UK! so here I am!!!

Im Courtney by the way lol.

Blessed Be

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16th August, 2004. 12:29 pm. Hello to all.(barbara_purple)

I thought a good way to start of this comunity was by posting my favourite scrapbooking website.


This is the site of an amazing little shop in Birmingham that is crammed fun of scrapbook stuff. I was an hour in there and still don't think I looked at everything.

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